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It’s always exciting jetting off to a new destination. However, if there’s one aspect of travel that people dislike the most, it’s dealing with the stresses and hassle that comes from dealing with airports. From parking, to worrying about missing your flight, to collecting your baggage, to travelling with kids, there are many things that can go wrong with airport travel which can make it a stressful experience. Fortunately, though, there are a few things you can do to ensure stress free airport travel and make it relaxing rather than a challenge. To make sure your trip gets off to the best start, here are a few things to keep in mind to make travelling a breeze.

Be organized

When it comes to achieving stress free airport travel, organization is key. Make sure that your documents are organized, your passport’s in a safe place, and you’ve got everything you need before you leave the house. We recommend checking in online prior to your flight, which is especially valuable if you’re only travelling with carry-on baggage as you can head straight to security. Carry a folder with your important items and keep it in the same place in your bag so you know where it is at all times. When going through security, pack everything safely in your travel bag so you don’t accidentally leave any bags, watches, or jackets behind.

Book transport

The airport travel experience begins at your home, and finding parking or dealing with traffic or transit can make the start of your journey particularly stressful. Eliminate any worries of missing your flight by booking transport and hiring a driver to pick you up and take you to the airport. This will take a huge weight off your shoulders, and you can get excited about your journey as soon as you leave the house!

Label your luggage

Eliminate any issues with lost bags and clearly write your details on the luggage tag so if it does get lost, it can be delivered back to you. It’s also a good idea to mark your luggage with a unique identifier if you have a generic-looking case, as it’s possible that someone else could have the same one and take it by accident. So label your luggage, but when you’re at the airport be sure to keep your address hidden as it is not good to let people see where you live and thus what home might be vacant while you travel.

Getting to the airport isn’t the easiest thing and can be more difficult for those travelling with a lot of luggage and family members. One option to forget about the logistics of reaching the airport on time is to make use of an airport taxi service. This can remove a lot of the stress and worry, but is still important to schedule the pickup to match the specific needs.

Here are a few tips to make sure the airport taxi service provides a prompt and timely package:

Plan ahead

A simple step that can make things go smoothly is to book the taxi well in advance. Make sure there is enough time to easily reach the airport without feeling rushed. Try to calculate the travel distance and add an extra hour or more in the event of heavy traffic. Also, if travelling during busy travel times, such as bank holidays, it may be worth adding a little more time.

Pay attention to reputation

Investigate two or three different companies and aim to identify one that is highly rated for providing a reliable deal in the local area. Use online reviews to get an idea of the quality and reputable of a potential company. Find one that has the courteous drivers and appreciated for providing timely pickups and drops-offs.

Most companies are quite similar, so it helps to ring around and get a price for the ride to the airport. Many quote a flat fee to travel from home to the airport, as well as any other pickups on the way. Also, make sure the preferred company has the necessary licensing and credentials to offer this particular type of service.

Amount of space

One of the important things to check is the amount of space for passengers and luggage that the vehicle can accept. The vehicles can vary significantly in size with a standard vehicle able to accept a couple with minimal luggage to the larger vehicle that can easily take six or seven passengers in comfort.

For those travelling with a lot of bags, it may be necessary to ask for a larger vehicle.

Call before pickup

Even if the airport taxi service has been booked and reserved in advance, it still may be worth giving the company a call a few hours before it should arrive at the pickup address to make sure it will be arriving on time.

Sometimes, even the best of travel plans can go wrong due to unforeseen situations. For instance, you might have gotten a cheap international flight deal and the best accommodation package but you get stranded at the airport due to a delayed or cancelled flight. If you face such a situation, instead of getting frustrated, you can do certain things that will keep you busy till you are ready to fly again.

1. Explore the Airport

Many airports around the world have excellent shops and boutiques that sell a wide variety of things. Eve if you are not in the mood to shop, you can look around and do some window shopping. Sometimes, airports also have scenic places where you can take a picture or two. So, go around the airport and check out all these places. Who knows you might find something that you have wanted to buy for a long time.

2. Enjoy a Delicious Meal

Once you have explored the airport and learned about all the outlets there, choose a nice restaurant to have a meal. You can relax ad read a book over a glass of wine and some delicious food. This way, you won’t even realise the hours you have spent waiting at the airport. If you are not in the mood for a heavy meal, have a cup or coffee and a croissant while you wait for the next flight.

3. Visit the Airport Spa

Instead of waiting at the airport, doing nothing, you can check out the spa. Most international and national airports these days have a spa where passengers can stop for a relaxing massage. And what better time than now, when you are stranded? Also, if you are jet-lagged, a nice and soothing massage will help your senses calm down and make you feel better. You might even drift into a quick nap that will totally relax and rejuvenate you.

4. Watch a Movie or Surf the Net

While most airports have limited free wifi access, they do allow you to buy extra credits. You can make use of the airport wifi to catch a series or movie online. Or, if you are on a business trip, you can get a considerable amount of work done while you wait at the airport. This way, you won’t be wasting much time and you might actually feel accomplished by the end of it.

These are some of the ways in which you can kill time at an airport. If you are still bored after doing all of these, then try reading a book or get hotel room so that you can nap till it’s time for you to fly out.

While there is no straightforward and easy way to beat jet lag, there are several ways that you can take to ease the pain of crossing multiple time zones quickly.

Travel wasn’t that difficult on our internal clocks, but each technological advancement in the world of transportation has also brought changes to our time management. When long-distance railroads were introduced matching timetables with local times became a challenge. Son in 1883, we created a standardised time zones.

The start of the jet age in 1958 gave birth to a new problem. We suddenly could travel several zones faster than our bodies could adjust. Eight years later the term “jet lag” was created. The term caught on, and of course, we know jet lag is particularly bad when flying east. Jet lag can be pretty annoying but here are few things, however, that do help. Below are some of my best tips that work efficiently.


Pressurised and dry aeroplane cabins can quickly dehydrate you, making you feel extremely sleepy. Drinking water throughout the trip helps in easing the process. It doesn’t stop jet lag, but it helps make sure dehydration doesn’t compound your fatigue.

Shift Your Time For Long Trips

A few days before I leave, I started to change my sleep schedule one hour each day. Try also to move your mealtimes. That might mean a super-early trip to the gym in the morning and go to bed before my favourite TV shows are over. But this works when I arrive and also it makes easier to sleep on those long-haul flights.


If you can sleep on the plane even for a few hours, it makes a big difference. An eye mask and earplugs will help. When taking a red-eye to a far destination, having breakfast right after waking up on the plane or once you get to the airport, even if you are not hungry, it will help adjust your body to the idea that it’s morning, even if your friends and family back home are sound sleep.

Avoid Alcohol

Again, the issue is about dehydration on long overseas flights. I can’t blame you if you have a glass of red wine for sleeping peacefully but don’t have it too much, or you will have an appalling headache, and you won’t be able to adjust to the new time zone.


It helps your body feel more normal and is not confined to the plane seats only. This doesn’t exactly combat jet lag, but it does reduce some of the scars of travel.