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Chicago is unique. Each part has a special draw and includes upscale River North, the buzzing Loop downtown, scholarly Hyde Park, artsy Wicker Park and flamboyant Boystown. The best architecture and museums of the world present a multi-cultural makeup with its thriving music and dining scene. This second largest City of the U.S is second to none.

If you are in a mood for jazz clubs, comedy, glittering skyscrapers, fine dining or some afternoon shopping, consider where to go using the Chicago travel guide. Architecture and design buffs may trip the cutting edge monuments and buildings of the country such as Cloud Gate featuring mammoth reflective bean sculpture, while the sports fans can cheer their teams, be it the bears, the Cubs, the Blackhawks, the Bulls or the White Sox.

Amidst all these, getting around Chicago is the main concentration and the best way to do this is to go through public transportation, particularly the elevated train the L train that is simple and cheap to use. Street parking fees and parking garages are pricey and if you plan to travel on wheels, you can find plenty of rental agencies.

Navigating Chicago is not easy; it is too vast to consider walking. The neighborhoods may be explored by bike or foot. However, if you are visiting during winters, get layers to stay protected from low temperatures and heavy snowfall. There are lots of transportation facilities to get around Chicago and this includes the buses operating in most hours. The Metra rail is also a reliable transportation to go towards the South, East or North Chicago. You may get a weekend pass and travel without hindrance. Taxis are pricey, but are convenient to travel to places and water taxi is a fun way of getting around Chicago, but they are available only in the warmer months from April through September.

Traffic is thick in Chicago and all the rental cars, gas, and parking fees are pricey. This is the reason it is recommended to stay on public transportation. Winters are windy in the Great Lakes region, packing a hat and scarf, and wearing lots of layers are unavoidable.

Chicago parking tickets are easy to receive, but there are lots of confusing signage. If it the first time you are visiting Chicago, or are using a car to travel in Chicago, it is very important to know these factors:

· Parking signs (Street cleaning, time limit, etc)

· Snow regulations

· Permit parking areas

· Prohibited parking zones

Anyone receiving a parking ticket in Chicago means following the rules must be done meticulously. For instance, in case you are parking on the street and a part of your parked car is in front of the yellow zone, you will be ticketed.

The rules are ever-changing and strict in Chicago, besides, it varies from street to street that one always has to stay alert and keep looking out for parking incriminating situations.

Tips to avoid parking tickets
· Always look for signage regarding parking restrictions.

· During winters, opt to park in a parking garage for your car safety as streets are cleared frequently.

· Understand and know when off-street parking can be done, this saves pain and frustration and also are affordable choices.